Gaomi City Xiangyuan Wood Industry Co., Ltd. 
Zip code:261500 
address:Shandong province Gaomi City Yuetan North Road North Industrial Park

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Gaomi City Xiangyuan Wood Co. Ltd. job description

1. company profiles:
Shandong Province, Gaomi City Xiangyuan Wood Industry Co. Ltd., located in the northern section of Qijiang village east of Gaomi City Lake Road, is one of the key enterprises in Gaomi City high tech Development Zone, away from the exit of Jinan Qingdao Expressway Gaomi about 6 km from Gaomi City train station, bus station about 5 kilometers, the city can take the 38 bus in front of a company. Stop, convenient transportation. The company under the jurisdiction of the two subsidiaries, the main production and operation of dining table, dining chair, coffee table, wardrobe, cabinets, cabinet, coffee table, bed and other six series of dozens of varieties, products exported to Europe and the United States, favored by customers, the enterprise benefits are good, broad prospects for development.
At present, because of the company to expand production scale, is now facing the society annual recruitment outstanding enterprises management personnel 5 people, technical personnel 5 people, production equipment maintenance personnel 2 people, 2 people, cutting tool grinder, hand painted woodwork, general workers, some Polish workers, male or female. Requires good health, can bear hardships and stand hard work, good behavior, work seriously, aged 18 to 50 years old can be.
2.employee treatment:
1, the company combined piece and timing compensation mode, hard work, monthly salary in the 3000-5000 yuan, the monthly payment of wages, workers in the field work in the company by the end of the wage all settled, coming back to the company to work in accordance with the provisions of the ticket reimbursement.
2, the company has apartments and restaurants, the living conditions of the clean health, eating vegetables free gold. Both sides of the rental housing staff, the company gives some housing subsidies. The company has access to the big family, Zhou Gezhuang bus line, convenient and quick.
3, generous company benefits, set up perfect attendance award, seniority allowance, year-end bonuses, holiday benefits, holiday travel and other employee benefits; to company employees joined the accident insurance and comply with the conditions of joining social insurance. Interested parties please hold my ID card to apply to the administrative department of the company.