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Solid wood furniture makes you have to love

List:News |Date:2017-08-22 14:15:10
What is solid wood furniture?
Solid wood furniture usually refers to pure solid wood furniture, that is, furniture frame, table top, door panel, side plate, back board and so on. Each place is made of pure solid wood without any man-made board. China's furniture market, many businesses publicity for the framework for solid wood furniture solid wood furniture, such furniture may often be on the desktop, door and side etc. by man-made board, consumers in the purchase of furniture should pay special attention to!
Advantages of solid wood furniture
Looking at the current furniture market, we can easily find that solid wood furniture has gradually become the main force in the market. Why are solid wood furniture so popular with consumers? What are the advantages of solid wood furniture? Come to know it:
1. natural environmental protection
Solid wood furniture with natural wood as materials, wood retains the natural texture, highlight the simple and steady style furniture; furniture surface occasionally knots exist, both natural, and no chemical pollution, is the preferred furniture of modern urban people advocating natural.
2. strong and durable
Authoritative data show that the service life of solid wood furniture is usually more than five times that of plate furniture. Solid wood furniture uses solid wood as raw material, and it is stronger than artificial boards such as big core board and high-density board. The traditional solid wood furniture adopts classic mortise and tenon process, and the scientific production process is the foundation of furniture durability.
3. hedging function
Solid wood furniture, like the traditional Ming and Qing furniture, has a certain function of maintaining value. Although the relevant government departments to strengthen the management of forest resources, but a lot of timber supply still more and more nervous, under this kind of situation is more and more serious, some kinds of solid wood furniture prices will be gone, the value function is revealed.
4. unique style
Exquisite carving, beautiful lines, etc., these are solid wood furniture prominent features, and plate furniture can not be achieved. Modern solid wood furniture integrates traditional culture elements into furniture design, endows furniture with new connotations, forms the unique style of solid wood furniture, and leads the new trend of modern furniture.
Famous brands of solid wood furniture
With the improvement of modern living standards, consumers' brand awareness is becoming stronger and stronger, and buying furniture is the same. People usually believe in the power of brands. Solid wood furniture development so far, has the emergence of a number of recommendations by the vast number of consumers of furniture brand, then, a tree with a small wooden furniture brand of several well-known to do a simple understanding:
1. double blade
Futaba Furniture Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in July 8, 1995, is a professional design and production of modern large-scale enterprises of solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture manufacturing industry is the largest base of sales outlets located at home and abroad more than 300, annual production capacity of 1 million 500 thousand pieces (sets) of solid wood furniture.
2. Huafeng
HuaFeng furniture group was founded in 1982, is one of the China famous representatives of private enterprises, was awarded the Chinese brand, A Well-Known Trademark in China, Liaoning province famous trademark and other related honor, is also the first China environmental protection product quality trustworthy key brand, China famous large-scale modern furniture manufacturing enterprises.
3. Nanyang Hu family
Tianjin Nanyang Hu Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the predecessor of Nanyang Hu family furniture, founded in 1993, is a solid wood furniture design, research and development, production and sales of large-scale private enterprises. Nanyang Hu's focus on solid wood furniture manufacturing for more than 20 years, China's furniture industry is one of the most influential furniture brands.
4. X.M.B
X.M.B brand was born in 1988, is a professional furniture design, production and sales of modern furniture manufacturing enterprises, to produce high-quality solid wood furniture for children known. Brand development so far, X.M.B has successfully entered the world's more than one million families, the world's young children's furniture industry is increasingly prominent.
Of course, in addition to the above four brands, there are bright, Qu, federal, Eco-ego and other well-known solid wood furniture brands, consumers in the purchase of furniture, you can also make a comprehensive comparison, and then buy.
Development prospects of solid wood furniture
10 years, China furniture industry experienced the first high-speed development stage, to enhance the amount, established a complete industrial system, and all kinds of international standards, products to meet the basic needs of people's daily life and the part of the international market demand. In the next 5 to 10 years, in the context of the transfer of international furniture industry, China's furniture industry will usher in the second leap, the main purpose of this period is not the amount of upgrading, but the quality of overall promotion.