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Wood property! Wood also has temper?

List:News |Date:2017-08-22 14:19:19
Generally speaking, the sex of wood is not the difference between men and women, men and women, animals and plants, but the difference between the wood deformation force, the distortion force, and the unique characteristics of the wood itself. The carpenters worked, saw a piece of wood, shaving off a piece of wood, often put down a word: "the big wood." Is this piece of wood deformation force, large torsion, make the finished products, changes of cold, heat, dry and wet environment will have severe variation, large cracks, large torsion, high inflation, high shrinkage, sometimes changes like appearance, such as originally a square wood prescription, can twist twist, turn a few bends. The carpenters in the wood, be extra careful when trying to get to work, setting it, control it, caged it, don't call it a big change. In case of small wood, wood is quiet and gentle, work easier, do not have to worry so much heart. To make the finished product, will also change, but change and distortion not particularly severe, what wood of wood of small, what? The old carpenter have wood varieties, have the hearts of their base. Such as oak, ash, maple (maple) is a large wood. The pine, white pine, Catalpa wood, basswood is small wood. South wood, Phoebe, small fir, beech, and longan wood big. Rosewood, acid branch, safflower pear, grass pear sex is big, and red sandalwood, Huanghua pear relatively small.
Know how to distinguish between the old carpenter, understand production skills, can be used to calibrate. But sex is big and sex is small, all is opposite, compare and exist. As long as it is wood, it will expand and contract cold, and it will also expand wet and dry. Classical furniture on the surface to leave a 3-5 mm telescopic joint, is to avoid furniture opening crack and bulge deformation, so it can take time for the change of natural temperature and humidity during use. Since wood has sex, it is important to go to sex before making it. There are many ways of removing sex, but they can be broadly divided into three:
Say "bake""
Is to log or board, square material into the grill inside, steamed and baked. The early years of the barn, the main burning leaves, sawdust, branches, firewood; later burning coal, burning oil, and then a little progress, using electric heating to roast, is similar to the electric oven. It's only the wood, not the box, it's the house.
It takes a long time to bake wood, not like baking bread. It's cooked in a few minutes and ten minutes. Roast wood in the early years, a toast is three, five days, or even a week, slowly baked, dark fire smoked. The temperature can not be too high, you can not see an open flame, otherwise the wood will be, and become carbon. The quality of the wood is removed after roasting, which makes it easier for carpenters to use and operate.
Two says "blow""
The essence of blowing is to let the wind blow, also known as the natural drying process. It takes three to five months, or even half a year time, the sheet, material layers, neatly stacking up, each layer of the board, to a small piece of wood between the prescription pad, as the interval, convenient for ventilation. Between the stack and the stack to large gaps in wind. Board Fangcai general code on the shady and ventilated place, avoid the sun suddenly of wood. After stacking, the top should press heavy objects, such as stone, steel, logs and so on, the heavier the better. After the natural wind, rain, sun, snow buried, dry and wet, wet and dry, wood sex is getting smaller and smaller, so the younger the wood, the smaller the easier to make and take care of.
Three, "bubble.""
Is the log or prescription sheet, thrown into the water soaked. Soak him for a week, two weeks, or even soak for a month, scoop up and stack by natural drying method, and then use it completely after natural drying. Or is sent to the barn after the bubble smoked, another old idea to speed up to the speed, is digging water, lime or soda, lime water, salt water to soak the wood, such as soaking time can be greatly shortened, a two or three days you can remove, or dried, or sent to the barn.
In short, the wood to the nature of the method is actually tossing back and forth, the bubble baked, roasted bubble, wet dry, dry, wet, tossing more and more times, wood sex less. Some "toughened and hardened into steel". Also like steel quenching, burning red, suddenly plunged into cold water. The quenched steel is harder, and the softer wood is more supple. Wood to sex to toss, and the country's economic development, stability of society, must be little toss, do not toss about.
Go through the wood, wood in the hands more obedient, good more, make furniture, rate of expansion and contraction is greatly reduced. In recent years, there are a number of new old wood to do antique furniture, the old people's homes for decades or even centuries of Fangtuo, real beam Pocheng board furniture, its stability and less variable. Buy old wood, new furniture, do not worry about wood, hair, temper.