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Xiangyuan Wood Industry - maintenance of solid wood office furniture

List:News |Date:2019-04-26 15:04:40

Solid wood office furniture has been the preferred choice of many companies. Since everyone chooses solid wood office furniture, it is necessary for the solid wood office furniture maintenance to have a proper understanding. Only by mastering the correct maintenance method can the life of office furniture be extended. Xiaobian has compiled some for everyone. Solid wood office furniture maintenance methods Let's learn together!

Maintenance of solid wood office furniture:

Solid wood office furniture is mostly desk office chairs, etc., pay attention to cleaning, placement and movement in maintenance. Avoid sharp scratches when cleaning. Do not use wire brushes or hard brushes for stubborn stains. Use a soft rag to remove strong detergents. When placing it, be careful to avoid direct sunlight as it will quickly oxidize the paint on its surface. Also, be careful when moving to avoid damaging the painted surface.

Solid wood office furniture should pay attention to moisture and waterproof

The high-grade environmental protection of solid wood furniture has always been the preference of distinguished people. While people enjoy the fun of solid wood furniture for home life, they often think about a problem, that is, how to extend the service life of solid wood furniture. If you want solid wood furniture to be "longevity", you should do the waterproof and moisture-proof work of solid wood furniture on weekdays.

The specific method is as follows:

Solid wood furniture waterproof and moisture-proof magic one: plate selection is the key

The cabinet board occupies a large part of the furniture. If you want to choose good furniture, the main materials can not be sloppy. Not only waterproof and moisture-proof, environmentally friendly materials that meet the E1 standard are the key to protecting family health.

Solid wood furniture waterproof and moisture-proof magic two: the installation process should be in place

When installing the cabinet, it is often necessary to cut holes in the cabinet board. The multi-functional edge strip can tightly wrap the edge of the sheet to better waterproof and moisture-proof. If the installation is not appropriate, it is easy to leave a gap, giving water vapor to take advantage of.

Solid wood furniture waterproof and moisture-proof magic three: back protection is very important

The back panel veneer is not only waterproof, but also a protector of extending the life of the furniture. In the process of selecting furniture, consumers must pay attention to the details of the back. The double-decorative veneer back plate can completely prevent the MDF substrate from being exposed, and the water no longer has the opportunity to enter the plate from the back of the cabinet, which is a good helper for waterproof and moisture-proof.

Solid wood furniture waterproof and moisture-proof magic four: more subtle observation

Places that are not easily noticeable can have serious consequences due to neglect of protection and attention. When you choose, you must not let out the small parts. Whether the furniture is professional or not can be seen through the observation of the details. The small part of the humanized design is the key factor in the success of the purchase of furniture.