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Xiangyuan Wood Industry - Method of selecting bedroom furniture brand solid wood

List:News |Date:2019-04-26 15:05:59

With the demand for personalization and overall home furnishing, the whole bedroom customization of bedroom furniture brands is more and more popular among consumers. The overall wardrobe has become a necessary part of the decoration due to its tailor-made, environmentally friendly, fashionable and professional features.


To buy any building materials, you must know the algorithm. Custom wardrobes are divided into two algorithms, one is calculated according to the area of expansion, and the other is calculated according to the projected area (also called the area of the hole). The unfolded area is to flatten the total area of the panels that make up the closet; the projected area is calculated according to the projected area of the closet on the wall. There is no doubt that the unit price of the projected area is definitely higher than the expanded area. As for which algorithm is affordable, it is not necessarily the case. Depending on the unit price and the number of intermediate laminates.


There are no other charges besides the board to ask. Drawers, laminates, hardware, clothes rails, installation fees, etc. are not subject to additional charges, such as how to charge if you charge, this should be asked in advance.

Environmental protection

If the merchants boast that their plates are imported, they must look at customs import certificates, authorize Chinese sales agents, and so on. However, the real imported plates are rare and expensive.

Sheet thickness

The cabinet board is 18mm thick, and the back panel can be thinner, which can save depth and save budget. Of course, you can use a 18mm thick backplane, you can negotiate with the merchant in advance.

Edge sealing

When you go to the store to see the sample, you can carefully look at the edge of the board to see if the edge is tight and the work is delicate. Because if the sealing is not strict, it will easily cause the plate to be damp and deformed, which will affect the life of the wardrobe. At the same time, if the edge sealing is not strict, the source of formaldehyde inside the plate will continue to volatilize, affecting the air in the room and becoming a source of pollution.


When the bedroom furniture brand looks at it, you can carefully push and open the feeling and see the comfort of the hardware. Of course, the conditional recommendation is to use a well-known brand at home and abroad, which is more quality assured.