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Xiangyuan Wood tells you how to buy solid wood furniture

List:News |Date:2019-05-25 14:52:25

Solid wood furniture is divided into pure solid wood and semi-solid wood furniture:

Pure solid wood furniture, as the name suggests, is made of natural plates. There is no concept of glue and lacquer. So in the furniture we use every day, there is no 100% pure solid wood furniture. Now the market is relatively pure solid wood furniture, Natural wood generally accounts for 90%-95%, and the other is made up of hardware, plastic, lacquer, glue and other auxiliary materials. Of course, the cost of pure solid wood is not awkward, of course, the required craftsmanship is quite superb. The so-called thousand gold is rare. . .

It is very common in the market to be semi-solid wood in terms of pure solid wood. It is now also called solid wood furniture. Into the solid wood furniture store, I often hear that the sales staff said that the solid wood furniture is environmentally friendly, durable and can be preserved. If you buy a set, you can use it for decades, and even use it as better and more durable. What you can hear from a non-solid wood furniture store is another sound. Some say that natural wood is very unstable due to the same grain direction, and it is easy to be deformed by moisture. It is also said that natural wood does not account for a large proportion of environmental protection. In short, theories about solid wood furniture are diverse and mixed. Is the solid wood furniture really as good as the salesperson said, no flaws?

Environmental protection - Whether furniture is environmentally friendly, it is indeed impossible to determine according to the plate. Because the composition of the furniture, in addition to the plate, glue and paint also occupy a certain proportion, so their quality also directly affects the environmental protection index of the furniture. But objectively speaking, the proportion of solid wood is large, the paint and glue are relatively small, and the environmental protection index is also high. In addition, the natural wood is softer in materials. After frequent contact with the human body, most of the use will be smoother and more The more comfortable you use. The natural color of the logs is also very mild. If you look at it for a long time, it will not cause visual fatigue, but it will feel warm and friendly.

Durable - Since the natural wood has the same grain direction, if it is made of a large piece of wood, it is very susceptible to moisture deformation and cracking. However, considering this factor, most of the high-quality solid wood furniture will now carry out a series of processing of logs. For example: drying, drying is also very particular about, here is not much to say, after drying, it will be air dried for 5-20 days, and then processed. If there are no special circumstances, moisture deformation and cracking are rare. But the later maintenance is also very important. . Solid wood is a very delicate thing after all. . .

Smell the nature of solid wood

Most woods have woody notes, pine has a rosin taste, and eucalyptus has a distinct camphor taste... but fiberboard and MDF have a strong pungent odor, especially in cabinet doors or drawers. Nowadays, most of the market is skinned, divided into veneer and paper. The veneer is better than the quality, but the price is relatively high. It is recommended to buy solid wood skin. .

Look at the advantages and disadvantages of wood

The main force-receiving parts of the furniture, such as the column and the load-bearing horizontal strip connecting the column to the ground, should not have large knots or cracks or cracks. The frame must not be loose, and it is not allowed to break or break the material. The components of the wood-based panels used in the furniture shall be edge-sealed, and the various accessories shall be installed with few pieces, missing nails and nails. When we bought the furniture, we encountered it. The rear partition also showed a finger seam. . . The main load-bearing place must see if the wood is strong. . .

Check the quality of polishing

Place your hand on the surface of the furniture and carefully check whether the polished surface is smooth. Pay special attention to whether the table legs are rough, whether the paint is streaked, whether the pigment in the corner is too thick, and whether there are cracks or bubbles.

Listening check stability

Wooden furniture should have safety and stability. When the two doors are opened 90 degrees, the hand can be gently pulled forward, the cabinet can not be tilted forward automatically; the glass of the bookcase door should be edging; the mirror should be Install the back panel and secure the glass. Small pieces of furniture such as chairs, stools, hangers, etc. may be dragged on the ground when picking, and gently fall, if the sound is crisp, it means that the furniture making process and quality are better; if the sound is dumb, there is a murmur in the sound, indicating The blink of an eye is not tightly integrated. This is a bit difficult compared to ordinary customers, but as long as you turn a few more, look at a few more, you will be able to distinguish some. Don't be bothered, shop around.