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Xiangyuan Wood teaches you how to choose solid wood furniture for small units

List:News |Date:2019-05-25 14:53:03

The use of small units to arrange a whole family space that is humanized, rich in space and fully functional, can realize a big dream in a small apartment. Small-sized multi-functional furniture is a new type of small-sized furniture. It is smaller than ordinary furniture, has a variety of functions and is full of individuality and creativity. It can also be used in one thing.

From the functional aspects of branded solid wood furniture, you can choose from the following types of furniture:

(1) Concealed furniture It is a storage space that is neither easy to detect nor has a furniture function. It can be skillfully matched with ordinary furniture, and is a product carefully designed and tailored to local conditions. Concealed furniture mainly has room wall frame type, bedroom wall type, two-story cabinet, recessed space type, bed type.

(2) Mobile furniture: For the small modern space, one inch of space is very important, smart furniture is an essential daily necessities, the furniture with wheels is strong and flexible, and it can be displayed in any space. The unique charm. It has become more and more popular. The small roller home has a coffee table, a seat, a CD cabinet, a computer desk, a TV cabinet, and the like. Between the sofas in the living room, an active coffee table is placed, and when guests visit, it is convenient to pass the refreshments. The mobile TV cabinet can also change position and direction as the owner sits down, which is very ergonomic.

(3) Multi-functional furniture If your living room is not large enough, then you must consider the multi-functionality of furniture. A beautiful living room turns into a practical bedroom, and a messy children's room becomes a regular study. A comfortable living room turns into a cosy restaurant. All of this requires only moving some furniture or changing some furniture. Furniture is the protagonist of this imaginative home. It can make your home changeable and bring you different freshness. Although it may make your home a little messy, a small nest full of life may bring endless happiness and satisfaction to your life.

(4) Folding brand solid wood furniture Folding furniture is not only small in size, but also easy to fold and easy to carry, very suitable for small household use. The material of the furniture is also light and easy to move and combine.