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Solid wood furniture wholesale manufacturers teach you how to maintain the brand

List:News |Date:2019-08-27 14:40:52

The brand solid wood furniture bookcase is not only the confidant of the book-lover, but also the necessary furniture in the study. It will be the order of your favorite books, and it will also enrich your home life, thus enhancing your taste and style. But how to maintain your favorite wood bookcase during the rainy season, let it stay forever. A good bookcase not only meets your practical requirements, but also adds a touch of brilliance to your home. Good bookcases also require careful maintenance and careful care. Then you know how to keep the bookcase?

First, the simple way is not to put the brand solid wood furniture bookcase in a damp place. Because the solid wood bookcase is easy to swell in a humid environment, it is prone to decay over time. During the rainy season, some desiccant can be placed in the room where the bookcase is placed to keep it dry.

Second, avoid placing large or heavy books on the upper level. Because it is not only convenient to take, but also easy to maintain the bookcase. Also pay attention to the book, when you take it lightly, always remember to cherish your bookcase.

Third, clean the bookcase regularly to avoid dust accumulation. Wipe the solid wood bookcase with a cleaning agent, and then use a clean dry cloth to dry the water stains. Reminder, do not use a corrosive cleaning agent to wipe, otherwise it will damage the surface of the bookcase.