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Xiangyuan said how to scrub the furniture maintenance

List:News |Date:2019-09-20 12:01:46
    The stability of solid wood furniture structure depends on the change of water content, which will be affected by the humidity of the surrounding environment. It will cause the furniture to deform and crack due to the excessive difference in air humidity between the production and sales. There is an old saying "solid wood but the Yangtze River", that is to say, after the solid wood furniture produced in the south reaches the north, it will be susceptible to cracking and deformation due to the moisture content of the climate. When making pure solid wood furniture, it should be noted that the soft and hard materials are separated. If the frame, side mountain or door panel materials are inconsistent, the shrinkage ratio is different and it is easy to deform.

    In use, the user should know that the lower floor is more suitable for solid wood furniture, the floor is higher, the wind is larger, the moisture in the wood is easily blown dry, and it is easy to cause cracking. It can be used safely below the third floor. It is recommended to pay attention to the indoor ventilation problem above the third floor to ensure the stable moisture content of the furniture. After buying it, use walnut oil + beeswax to wipe all the furniture inside and out.

Solid wood furniture rainy season dehumidification dry season humidification is common sense, the air humidity is adjusted within the interval, is an important means to prevent furniture cracking. The climate is different throughout the year, and the maintenance priorities and measures are different. Consumers should adopt different maintenance methods according to climate change. For example, if there is more moisture in the spring air, pay attention to moisture. If not pay attention, the wooden furniture will be mildewed. When it is necessary to prevent sun exposure, place the furniture in a cool and dry place. In the rainy season, you can turn on the dehumidification function of the air conditioner. In winter, the air is dry, and the humidifier is used to increase the air humidity.

The user usually pays attention to the scrubbing. When scrubbing, use a soft cotton cloth. The cotton cloth can be slightly damp, but it can't be wet. Do not scrub with alcohol and other chemical solvents or detergents to prevent corrosion of the furniture paint and cracking of the paint. You can choose the furniture care oil and apply it evenly on the surface of the furniture, so you can lock the moisture in the wood, prevent the furniture from deforming, and moisturize the wood.

Perhaps many users think that it is not the use of furniture equipment, as for such a serious matter? But Xiangyuan wants to tell everyone that the use of us wants to do more with less, but to achieve this effect, first of all maintenance The work is indispensable, and the necessary maintenance is of great help to the life of the furniture equipment. In the market, not only solid wood furniture, but also other materials and furniture equipment!