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Talking about the drying technology of solid wood furniture

List:News |Date:2019-10-25 16:26:41
    Affected by the increasing awareness of consumers' environmental protection and the call for national energy conservation and emission reduction, the development and application of solid wood furniture drying technology has become a force to be reckoned with and is growing stronger. Solid wood furniture, the production cycle is relatively long, the production process is relatively cumbersome, and the wood drying treatment has always been the focus of the industry, and it is also a recognized problem in the industry.

    In the processing of market brand solid wood furniture, we all know that solid wood furniture is a kind of furniture equipment made of solid wood, and as a kind of wood, he has certain moisture and humidity before use. In the case of making solid wood furniture, such a situation is not conducive to production, and a step is required in this process.

In the usual manufacturing, the solid wood required for the production of brand solid wood furniture is not the trunk of the log when it is purchased, but the specification material processed by the wood merchant - the solid wood strip with a thickness of 3-6CM. These solid wood strips have been treated with grease, pest control and drying before the timber merchants sell them.

However, the wood will absorb moisture during the storage process of the timber merchants and the moisture content will increase. So before we use it, we put the solid wood bars in the oven for drying. When placing, leave a gap in the middle of each layer of solid wood to increase air circulation. The water vapor of the external boiler of the oven is used for heating, and the water vapor uniformly heats the air in the tank from the surroundings to heat the wood strip. The wooden strips emit moisture from the body due to heat absorption.

There are several fans in the oven to allow the air inside the box to flow internally, or to exchange air inside and outside, thus increasing the drying speed.

Wood drying is a uniform process. Steam pressure and room temperature have strict control requirements. If the steam pressure and room temperature are rapidly increased, the dehydration will be too fast and the surface of the wood will be cracked. After 120 hours of heating, 48 hours of natural cooling was performed. This process is carried out in a cycle, and the drying time of the whole furnace is generally 7 days. During the cooling process, the water continues to evaporate, and the water content is generally 6-8% when finally taken out. The moisture content test of solid wood is carried out with a professional moisture meter.