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Moisture proof and crack repair are the main considerations for brand solid wood

List:News |Date:2019-11-25 15:59:57
    In a humid environment, not only will our bodies be affected, but so will solid wood furniture. Solid wood furniture is easy to get wet, especially now that Dali has entered the sky, damp and hot, if the furniture is not properly maintained, it is easy to mold, which shortens the service life of the furniture. Let's talk about how to maintain solid wood furniture in a humid environment.

    Today, many solid wood furniture undergo a strict drying process before leaving the factory, but this does not mean that it can be prevented from moisture. To deal with the water drops on the solid wood furniture, you can put a little solid wood special cleaning agent on the dry cloth. This kind of cleaning agent can form a protective film on the surface of the solid wood furniture, and to some extent organize the water vapor infiltration.

    Solid wood furniture is prone to swelling and mildew after being damp. In this case, put a piece of soap in a musty place, or put the dried tea leaves into a gauze bag to help eliminate the musty smell. Secondly, in normal times, you can also apply a thin layer of high-quality light wax to the furniture, and gently rub the gloss like a leather. This not only maintains the solid wood furniture, but also increases its brightness.

    Crack repair is also an important consideration for solid wood furniture. Because it affects the overall beauty of the home. You can use a small knife tip along the sides of the crack to split into several smaller cracks. The smaller the better, the smaller the original crack will become smaller. Finally, the large crack and the small crack are basically the same, almost not so obvious. It is. That is to say, the wood molecules around the large cracks are re-uniformly arranged to become softer and more natural. Isn't this the function of the loose soil? This forms a few tiny small cracks, and the colored saws will be adjusted at this time. Fill the foam into all the small cracks and polish it with sandpaper to make it fill more evenly. This kind of repair is more beautiful and natural than the method of repairing the sawdust powder directly in the large crack. Then use glue to pour in, use a knife to shovel flat, properly repair the bottom color, draw wood grain, then properly point into the glue, shovel flat, sandpaper, smooth. Use Mohawk transparent topcoat for mercerizing, matte, semi-matte, bright, etc., as needed, and choose to spray the white mark Mohawk topcoat. If only the topcoat is used, there may be traces of white fog like the border of the map. Then we use Mohawk's de-alked topcoat and then spray it to solve the problem. It is polished with polished wire. The crack is almost perfect, and it can't be seen that it was once repaired.