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The use of solid wood furniture is good for human health

List:News |Date:2017-08-22 13:53:43
Solid wood furniture has a unique role, as solid wood furniture has this advantage, so it was loved by consumers. The use of solid wood furniture is conducive to the development of human health. Well, for solid wood furniture, the benefits of human health, you know?! In this regard, you must understand the advantages of solid wood furniture. Let you understand solid wood furniture, can let solid wood furniture use more time. For solid wood furniture custom-made to find Accor furniture, Ya navigation furniture for you to create such a living environment.
Many people believe that solid wood furniture customization is just a luxury furniture experience, in fact, otherwise, in addition to allowing us to feel the beauty of solid wood furniture, it is also closely related to people's health. In our experience, we can analyze the benefits of solid wood furniture for human health from a variety of perspectives. Specifically, solid wood furniture customization can greatly improve our visual perception, tactile perception, auditory perception, olfactory perception and regulation ability.
1, visual perception
Wood texture is beautiful, color diversity, but also can effectively absorb harmful ultraviolet rays on human eyes, so that people feel comfortable and healthy.
2. Tactile sensation
When people contact with wood, soft and hard, appropriate and flexible, will give people a good sense of touch.
3, auditory perception
Wood is a natural porous material with good sound absorption and sound insulation. As a result, houses decorated with wood materials have small echoes and good sound insulation, giving a comfortable sense of quiet.
4, regulating ability
The wood has a certain moisture absorption and moisture performance, so in the indoor dry wood decoration, if the air humidity is too large, then the wood and absorb moisture from the air, then release water, thus the indoor relative humidity has a regulatory role, to create a comfortable environment. According to the determination, in the solid wood furniture residence, the temperature is lower in summer, and warmer in winter.
5, sense of smell
A variety of wood will emit the delightful aroma, "Xi said phytoncid (pytoncides)", through the test, some of these gases can sterilization, insecticidal, and some can be inspired, some can calm nerves, generation of the health effects on human health.
The natural beauty of solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture leakage, natural and initial beauty. The reason why solid wood furniture is flourishing forever is that the color analysis lies in its natural woody properties. Log color furniture is both natural and chemical pollution, which is really a healthy fashion choice, which is consistent with the modern urban people advocate the natural needs of the mind.