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Is the Manchurian ash furniture good or not?

List:News |Date:2017-08-22 13:57:49
The advantages and disadvantages of Manchurian ash furniture
Fraxinus mandshurica, like other timber, has all the characteristics of wood and has its unique features. Then, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the Manchurian ash furniture? Let's get together:
1., Manchurian ash wood hard, toughness, furniture in addition to a clear and beautiful texture, wear resistance is also prominent.
2. ash wood, good processing performance, good polishing performance, polishing the furniture through dyeing can obtain excellent appearance.
3. ash wood wood stability, paint and adhesive performance is also very good, making furniture is not easy to deformation and cracking phenomenon.
4., the heartwood of Manchurian ash is resistant to decay, so it is easy to be eaten by preserved beetle and common furniture beetle, and it is not easy to dry.
5. in addition to Northeast China ash wood production abroad, the market is mostly Russian Fraxinus mandshurica and American white ash wood, because the texture is very similar, so the user at the time of purchase is usually very difficult to identify.
Instructions for the use of Manchurian ash furniture
In recent years, the concept of "green environmental protection" has gradually been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Decoration, building materials, furniture and so on, the degree of environmental protection has become more and more concerned by the users. In such a market environment, solid wood furniture has become a new force in the furniture market. Manchurian ash furniture has exquisite wood grain, the right price is let it capture the heart of many users. Here, Xiao Bian to remind you of friendship, the use of Manchurian ash furniture in the process should pay attention to the following details:
1. indoor temperature and humidity changes should not be too large. In the event of a humid climate, the house should be properly wetted.
2., the furniture should not be placed in the sun can be exposed to the location. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause damage to the paintwork.
3., moving process should be handled with care. Most of the solid wood furniture adopts mortise and tenon structure. In the moving process, it should avoid heavy drag and drop, which will cause the mortise and tenon loosening and influence the service life of furniture.
4. regular furniture waxing maintenance. Even better furniture also needs reasonable maintenance, usually in addition to cleaning the surface, the use of a period of time after the furniture can be a wax, so that furniture can be kept clean and smooth as new.