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How to identify the quality of all kinds of chairs?

List:News |Date:2017-08-22 14:00:28
The quality of a chair is directly related to our health. In the furniture market nowadays, the quality of chairs produced by different factories is also uneven. So, how can we get a chair with good quality and low price? Learn the methods of identification together:
Chair for rest (sofa)
1. sit down and feel the stretch of the back muscles and slight support near the lumbar spine. Avoid using a chair with arched back.
The 2. seat depth to 50 cm, if too deep, is not easy to back to back, back and fatigue.
3., close to the body chair is not good, there should be room for physical activity.
4. width and depth are also better for activities.
5. looks thick cushions, must pay attention to its durability, should pay attention to whether the strong spring.
The leading edge of the 6. chair seat is not hard.
7., the tilt angle of the backrest, such as more than 110 degrees, you need a pillow, if there is no pillow, head and neck to bear the weight of the head, the shoulders will be difficult.
Table chair
The 1. seat back slightly inclined for the good, the thigh and upper body between the open angle to 95 degrees above.
2. height to 38 cm is better, and this table with the height of 67 cm as standard.
3. it is better to have a handrail, because the weight of the wrist is supported by the elbow, which feels comfortable when the elbow is under the weight of the handrail.
The width of the width of the 4. faces should be slightly wider.
5. cushion with slightly hard is better. Where soft and sinking should not be used.
Work chair
The 1. sides are good at the horizontal.
2., the back can firmly support the fourth lumbar (belly button) is good. The back seat has a spring, and the chair that sits backwards will easily make you tired.
3. front tilt is beneficial to improve work efficiency. Seat surface slope in 3 degrees, it will sit for a long time without fatigue.
The 4. sides should be slightly hard and flat. The soft and back-tilting cushions can't sit still, easily lead to fatigue. The height of the bottom surface is better than 38-41 cm.
5. attention to table coordination, table height to 70 cm as standard.