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Life Encyclopedia: balcony layout taboo matters

List:News |Date:2017-08-22 14:03:34
In life, the balcony in addition to viewing, and by the use of air, but in fact, more practical is the balcony into a living balcony. Such as washing clothes, cleaning, drying clothes and so on. Balcony area is usually not large, so the use of space should be reasonable arrangements. So, how to decorate the balcony full of sound and colour? Balcony layout needs to pay attention to what taboo matters?
1. avoid animals on the balcony
The living space of most modern urban families is rather cramped, so it is customary to keep some small animals in the balcony. Raising animals is difficult to avoid causing some excreta and odors. If it is not cleaned up in time, it will directly affect the mood and health of the family.
2., the balcony as good as possible
Although some families have set the balcony, but did not make good use of space, usually used to store some debris, and a long time not finishing, in the balcony showing cluttered scene, a long time also easy to breed bacteria, damage the health of family members. Therefore, even if the balcony to put some items, but also as good as possible in good order, regular cleaning and finishing.
3. balcony shall not be arbitrarily modified
Sometimes, in order to increase the indoor space, people will choose to change the balcony. The usual practice is to integrate the balcony extrapolation into the interior. To do so, not only there are certain security risks, but also will destroy the original good feng shui house. In view of this phenomenon, the government has also increased the crackdown, basically with the newspaper demolition, but also give severe punishment.
4. balcony plants are not optional
Many owners have love on the balcony plant some flowers, but also pay attention to the balcony plants, usually suitable for the display of some green plants, tall and sturdy with luxuriant foliage, such as evergreen, cycads, rich tree, money tree, which helped Wang Feng Shui Home Furnishing effect to a certain extent. Therefore, in the choice of the balcony plants sure to follow this principle, must not be arbitrary for.