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Several tips for carpet cleaning and maintenance

List:News |Date:2017-08-22 14:09:20
Carpet stains are a nuisance. How can we solve the problem well?
In order to reduce the chance of carpet contamination, the purchase should be considered in advance. First of all, in addition to consider personal preferences, in order to match the space walk and personal habits, should not choose plain and there is no pattern of the carpet, the carpet is easily exposed stains, footprints. Secondly, choose the carpet of superior quality, because the carpet with high quality is usually processed in the production process, which can provide the protection against pollution, dust and wear.
If the carpet has been purchased and started to be used, the following maintenance instructions must be understood:
1. frequent areas most vulnerable to pollution, and stain with footsteps spread to other places indoors, so we should set up a rug in entrance entrance, wipe off the dust on a sole, reduce dust accumulation and spread.
2. carpet and chemical contact may cause chemical stains or fade, so avoid carpet contamination, common household chemicals commonly used, such as bleaching water, insecticidal water, strong detergent and skin care products. In addition, carpet can not be exposed to sunlight for a long time, otherwise it will fade.
3. the carpet needs constant vacuuming because the dust stored in the carpet causes wear and tear and makes the carpet dull. Smoke should be vacuumed two or three times a week in the lobby, hallways and frequently moving places, and the bedrooms should be vacuumed at least once a week. The choice of dust collector and the method of vacuuming will affect the cleaning effect, and the dust collector equipped with rotary dust brush can effectively clean the dust in the carpet. When vacuuming, you need to push the vacuum cleaner slowly. The action should be to push the suction brush forward and pull it forward before pulling it out.
What about the problems that have appeared on the carpet? The following suggestions can be tried:
1. if there may be a feather velvet carpet, by friction or be sharp hook caused by the application of shear plane, do not pull down.
2., soft cut velvet carpet most prone to "Yin and Yang color", which are mostly caused by light reflection, just follow the direction of fluff vacuum, "Yin and Yang color" will be alleviated.
3. if the carpet furniture suffered heavy pressure, appear villus dging situation, simply moving the furniture, with a steam iron flat on the carpet over a few centimeters (position should not be in direct contact with the iron carpet), using steam to help restore hair elasticity, then gently with your fingers right down to.
4. if the carpet with solid stains, available spoon obtuse to scrape, reoccupy clear water is wiped.
5., such as liquid splash on the carpet, you can first use indelible cloth or paper towels to dry moisture, and then from the periphery of the stain to the center of the wipe, in order to prevent stains spread. Avoid excessive brushing carpet, which will destroy the fiber.