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Comprehensive analysis of the common merits of wood

List:News |Date:2017-08-22 14:31:18
Wood and other materials (such as metals, cement, etc.) are different, different in nature. However, as a whole, all wood has some of the same properties, reflecting wood as a material, compared with other materials, have their common advantages or disadvantages. This is the generality (common or universal) of wood.
The common merits of wood
1. wood lighter, softer, simple tools can be made into a variety of shapes of products.
2. take the weight of wood (density) to measure the strength (strength, weight ratio, or coefficient of quality) of wood.
3. wood is not broken when it is broken.
4., absorb shock and vibration resistance of good performance, conducive to rail sleepers, etc..
5. for acoustic, electrical and thermal conductivity of insulation weak, strong, useful for spoon handle, safe, pole etc..
6., the reaction to the temperature changes little, the expansion and contraction is smaller than the metal, and the concrete can keep its cohesion at very low temperature.
7., wood will burn at high temperatures, but the structure of large pieces of wood is slower than that of the metal structure. It will gradually burn or charring, while the metal structure will rapidly deform and collapse.
8. will not rust, corrosion is not easy, can be used to contain chemicals, chemical factories, such as underground pipes.
9. easily nailed or glued, such as wooden cases, plywood and so on.
10. colors, beautiful patterns, while maintaining the performance of paint, varnish, shellac, glazing is good, suitable for the manufacture of furniture, boxes and other instruments.
11. it is easier to carry out chemical treatment, which can change or improve wood properties, such as wood plasticization, wood preservation and so on.
12. defects are easier to spot and to pick.
13., renewable resources, such as the management of appropriate timber, desirable, inexhaustible.