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Solid wood cracking, really all quality problems?

List:News |Date:2017-08-22 14:12:52
Solid wood furniture deformation and cracking is a common problem, "not split not crack, not called solid wood."". Solid wood furniture will have a certain probability of self destruction, this is the iron general fact, which is also a common nightmare manufacturers and owners. Damage to expensive solid wood furniture, for the owners, is a very bad experience: he does not believe that the furniture will be so expensive, so many cheap furniture are not problems, they will inevitably fall into a price on the quality of thinking circle, also believe that good quality must represent not cracking and deformation. Many owners will be put before the preservation of old furniture to high-rise homes, these have been more than 20 years old, before the cottage has been good, some people are reluctant to move away, on the building, the attendant is cracking and deformation. This is not a case in point. If we pay enough attention to it and have relevant associations, we can find the key point of this problem.
This is a fundamental factor that has been largely neglected: changes in the modern residential environment are the primary cause of furniture cracking and deformation, not the furniture itself. If is a courtyard, cottage, our furniture is almost no maintenance, because now the building, floor heating, heating and other factors, the furniture is not down to earth, furniture around the humidity also produced very big change. Furniture is very sensitive to temperature. Specifically, if the moisture content is 12%, which is considered to be the best humidity furniture (various areas have different requirements), the north building heating in winter will lead to extremely dry, warm water will cause the transpiration effect, should be 8%, wet summer, water should be 20%, so the year is a furniture a temperature and humidity sharp fluctuations in the environment. In addition, white stubble furniture because of long-term storage, especially the tables and chairs, will use methods to store not too excessive drying of the deformation process, the consequences are obvious, which seriously shortens the lifetime of furniture. If the use of paint all closed, the facts also proved to some extent alleviate some of the problems, still not fundamentally resolved.
Environmental changes have become the biggest test of solid wood furniture, but a few years later, the problem is still widespread, there seems to be no way out. The first proof indeed because of the use of environmental change poses a problem, second manufacturers did not keep pace with the times, continue to take sew way.
So how to solve the problem? Painting? Accessories? Structure? Sheet? Composite? Where is the key to solving the problem? We've been trying hard to find out. This is not to say 100 percent to solve the problem, but at least it will reduce the problem.
For furniture, the structure is greater than everything else. Therefore, we believe that the process and structure to rely on to solve the furniture cracking and deformation.